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What is an EPA Designated Method?

It is important to understand that the US-EPA does not designate monitors . The US-EPA designates “ methods ”, which monitors are a part of. A “ method ” consists of a monitor equipped a number of specified accessories operated in a very specific way. Which accessories are required and how they are operated is written into US Federal Regulation. The EPA publishes and regularly updates a list of designated “reference” and “equivalent” methods. For each designated method, specific details are provided as to what additional equipment must be operated with the analyzer and how the analyzer must be configured in order for it to be a designated method. Reference methods were the original methods by which pollutants were measured. Equivalent methods are additional methods that have been demonstrated to the satisfaction of the US-EPA to provide equivalent measurements and are treated the same way legally as the reference method. For example, a manual low volume sampler, such as the B

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Met One Instruments Monitors L'Ultima Cena - The Last Supper

Met One Instruments' E-Sampler and Aerocet 531 was used in a study to monitor the particles in the chapel which houses Leonardo Da Vinci's Last Supper in Milan.   If you are interested in the study, please contact Bennett Hong at