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FAQ Part One

FAQ ABOUT THE BAM 1020 AND MET ONE INSTRUMENTS PRODUCTS Q: Where is the BAM 1020 manufactured? A: The BAM 1020 and all Met One Instruments products are designed and manufactured in Grants Pass, Oregon, U.S.A.   We employ 145 people and our corporate offices and manufacturing   facilities cover 58,265 sq/ft. Q: Do you sell a different product outside of the U.S.A. than what you sell within the U.S.A? A: No, we provide exactly the same products within the USA that we sell to our customers in 100+ countries around the world. Q: Will you take your manufacturing to China or India?   Are any of your products manufactured overseas? A: No and no. Our employees are proud of their role in designing and manufacturing high-quality products.   We feel this is the best way to ensure strict quality control, efficient production and excellent customer service.   Some parts used in our products are procured overseas because they cannot be sourced domestically. These parts make up less than .5% of o

Happy Customer Sends Photos of E-BAM Project


To view the 011 E-Class One and our entire line of wind energy sensors please visit us in BOOTH 4846 at the 2012 AWEA WindPower Conference and Exhibition in Atlanta, GA, June 3-6, 2012.  All orders placed during the show will receive a 15% discount. An American Made Class One anemometer; 20 Years of History, Proven Reliability, First Class Performance    In 1993 Met One Instruments introduced the 010C Wind Speed Sensor.  Since that time very little has changed with the design or manufacturing method of the product and now over 10,000 of these sensors are in operation around the world. When Met One Instruments was approached by leading wind farm developers, consultants, and constructions firms about providing a first class anemometer, the 010C was the obvious choice.  To meet the unique and demanding performance criteria required by the International Electrotechnical Commission, the cups and rotor assembly of the 010C were redesigned and the 011 E-Class One Wind