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  Fireworks are illegal in Honolulu but private households blow tons of fireworks to welcome in the New Year for good luck.  This is an Asian tradition brought to the islands. This year, there will be more fireworks to wish a healthy and prosperous 2021.  Stay healthy! From the Friendly Crew at Met One Instruments

Waking Up to Carbon Monitoring.....

                                        The Met One Instruments, Inc. BC-1054 MultiSpectrum Carbon Monitor and BC-1060 Portable Carbon Monitor provide reliable, accurate, and highly sensitive black carbon "BC" and brown carbon "BrC" measurements in real time with standard time resolution of one minute. Built in the United States and serviced by our distributors worldwide the BC-1054 and the BC-1060 are manufactured using the same design principles as our criteria-grade particulate monitors such as the BAM-1020 Beta Attenuation Mass Monitor. All tape-based BC monitors including the BC-1054 and BC-1060, employ the same basic principle of operation and generally utilize the same academically based calibration factors thereby producing virtually identical results. The BC-1054 and BC-1060 however cost a fraction of what other tape-based carbon monitors cost. And.. in a simpler, more reliable, user-friendly package.  The BC-1054 employs 10 illumination wavelengths and is

We're going on holiday!

 Met One Instruments will be closed December 24-January 1.  We will be back to a new year! Have a safe and happy holiday.  


The Swift 6.0 is a multi-function Flow Meter specifically designed for accurate low rate measurements. The device’s easy to read display shows Flow Rate, Flow Temperature and Ambient Pressure.  Flow measurements are traceable to our NIST standard and Certification is provided with each unit. The Swift 6.0 is a truly portable device weighing only 12 oz, with size dimensions of only 2.75 in. x 3.75 in. x 1.25 in.. Met One’s Swift 6.0 comes complete with a portable kit carry case, including flow adapters and a power cable for USB charging. For Use with the following Met One Instruments' Products:  • E-Sampler (C, Pa) or (F, inHg)  • ES-405 (C, mmHg) • ES-642 (C, mbar)  • BC 1054 (C, mbar, mmHg) :  • BC 1060 (C, mbar, mmHg)  • AQ Profiler (C, mmHg)  • And Other Common Flow Measurements. For more information and specifications, please go to our website, and/or contact or

The New Interior Secretary....

  Ms. Haaland would play a major role in implementing Mr. Biden’s promised climate change agenda. She would further be responsible for working to strengthen federal protections for vast swaths of territory that the Trump administration has  opened up  to drilling, mining, logging and construction.

What We've Been Waiting For......

 Michael Regan has been chosen to be the head of the environmentalist!

It's That Time of Year.....

To the unbeatable MOI crew, our customers and distributors....we wish you a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.   2021 is already looking hopeful and we look forward to meeting you all in person soon. The Friendly Crew from Met One Instruments, Inc.

Met One Instruments, Inc. ES-405 VIDEO

Met One Instruments, Inc. ES-642

034E REPLACES THE 034B WIND SENSOR   The new 034E is a form-fit-function replacement for the 034B.  They use the same mounting and cables, and provide the exact same signals, so can easily be interchanged with each other.  Also we have improved the 034E calibration to provide a better wind direction accuracy  SPECIFICATIONS Wind Speed Range 0-167 MPH (0-269 kph, 0 - 75 m/s)Starting Threshold 0.9 mph Accuracy Less than 40 mph +/- 0.40 mph Greater than 40 mph +/- 1% of true Wind Direction Range Mechanical 0-360 Degrees Electrical 0-355 Degrees Starting Threshold 0.9 mph Accuracy +/- 3 Degrees Damping Ratio .25 Std. (.4 to .6 optional) Resolution 0.5 Degrees Temperature Range -50 Degrees C to +70 Degrees C, non-icing conditions For the complete manual, go to and search under PRODUCTS.  For price and availability, please contact or for outside the US.


  The ES-405 is a near reference air quality sensor designed to provide accurate real time measurements of four key particulate concentrations in both indoor and outdoor environments.  This unit reports PM10, PM4.0, PM2.5, and PM1.0 simultaneously.  Data reporting intervals as fast as 1minute. The sensor incorporates sheath air to prevent particles from contaminating the internal optics of the sensor and prevents particles from escaping. USB and RS-232 for data download. Has connections for CCS 2 Modem and Digital Met sensors. Includes: 9441              TSP Inlet Cap 9438-4           Power Supply, Weather Proof 500784          USB Cable, A-B Male, 4.9 Ft. 80248            Comet Software CD 9425               Mounting Bracket Optional Accessories: CCS Comet Cloud Modem (uses 83247 cable) EX2-AIO  EX2-034 EX-905 Tripod RS-232 communication cable (MOI 83245) RS-485 communication cable (MOI 83179) Please contact or for more information and pr

Drone Video of Arecibo Collapse.

Dramatic Video of the Collapse of Arecibo Observatory’s Massive 305-Meter Telescope TOPICS: Astronomy National Science Foundation Popular By   NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION   DECEMBER 3, 2020 A starry sky above the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. Credit: University of Central Florida The instrument platform of the 305-meter telescope at Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico fell at approximately 7:55 a.m. Atlantic Standard Time on December 1, resulting in damage to the dish and surrounding facilities. No injuries were reported as a result of the collapse. The U.S. National Science Foundation ordered the area around the telescope to be cleared of unauthorized personnel since the  failure of a cable on November 6 . Local authorities will keep the area cordoned off as engineers work to assess the stability of the observatory’s other structures. Top priorities are maintaining safety at the site, conducting a complete damage assessment as quickl


MOI BLACK CARBON MONITOR Black carbon, a component of particulate matter, is especially dangerous to human health because of its tiny size. But black carbon not only has impacts on human health, it also affects visibility, harms ecosystems, reduces agricultural productivity and exacerbates global warming. Met One Instruments, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of ambient air monitoring instruments for indoor and outdoor monitoring.  Included is our line of black carbon monitors to help you find the source of black, brown, etc, carbon particles which are hazardous to your health. Please contact for more information and pricing and visit our website,, and download information on the BC 1060 and BC 1054 monitors.