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MOI Meeting with Distributors in Raleigh on June 21st.

  Met One Instruments is proud to announce we have the best distributors worldwide! They came from far away as the Middle East, Asia, and Europe as well as the US. They are well trained, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and we appreciate them all!

New Products Introduction at AWMA Raleigh Exhibition 2015

New at Met One Instruments: Monitors for Black Carbon, Neighborhood PM2.5, Visibility, BAM 1022 includes enclosure, Met Set AQ, E-BAM 2 etc.  Please stop by our booth.


The model E-FRM is a single-event ambient air sampler designed to meet all USEPA PM2.5 FRM specifications.  USEPA PM2.5 FRM designation number for the E-FRM equipped with either a VSCC or a WINS impactor is FRPS-0315-221.  USEPA PM10 FRM designation testing is currently underway.  The E-FRM holds a single 47mm teflon filter disc in a filter cassette.  The cassette must be replaced by the operator for each sample.  The flow rate is 16.7 L/min.  Flow data can be downloaded through the serial port or copied directly to a USB flash drive.  See Data Sheet or manual. The E-FRM works very much like the SASS and has the same user interface.  The E-FRM sampler folds down into its own stand for easy transportation and storage.  The entire pump box is removable for easy carrying and service.  It is completely weatherproof for outdoor sampling.