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600 AQ Stations to Close?

 This is an incredibly shocking story...if you live in the UK, please read. Save on material and labor costs by switching to the low maintenance BAM 1020 instead of ceasing PM monitoring.  Enviro Technology, Inc. in Stroud offers trade-in pricing for old, inefficient, outdated equipment.  Contact Mr. Mike Webley.

We're Going to Meteorology Expo in Brussels in October

Please look for us...Booth #4048.  Our Met Group will be with our subsidiary, Climatronics Corporation. We will be showing great new products and will be assisted by our local distributor, Envicontrol. For information, please contact

We're Going to EAC 2013 in Prague

Please visit us in booth 22 to find out what we manufacture for global markets.  Our local distributor, EAS Envimet will also be present in the booth.


A fun weekend video from GoPro - Meteorological weather sensors are installed on lattice towers all around the world.  The climb up the towers requires strength and a fearless tolerance for heights. The trip down - well that's another story....


Here’s an interesting article from the New York Times about a mobile methane detector built by Picarro. The detector, built into a Toyota Prius uses a sophisticated gas sampling technology, a GPS antenna, and a Climatronics ’ sonic wind sensor to create a three-dimensional model of a gas plume.  Using the model, Picarro is able to identify methane sources and determine whether the gas originated from man-made sources such as wells, pipeline leaks,  landfills and sewers  or was produced by natural sources in nearby swamps. In 2011 Picarro used the vehicle to locate over 3,000 methane leaks in the city of Boston, MA.  In August of 2013 Pacific Gas & Electric announced it will begin using the Picarro vehicle.  If you’re traveling in Northern or Central California be on the lookout for the Picarro Surveyor™ We love to see our products in use and hear about the unique ways technology is improving our lives.  Please share your projects


Sandia National Laboratories has partnered with Texas Tech University, The US Department of Energy, and Vestas Wind Systems A/S to develop the Scaled Wind Farm Technology (SWiFT) research center.  The objectives of the SWiFT center are to improve power generation efficiency on wind farms, reduce damage to turbines during turbulent weather conditions, and increase reliability and operational up-time for utility-scale wind farms. Download SWiFT Publication Here At the heart of the data acquisition system are two, 60 meter meteorological towers outfitted with Met One Instruments’ 500 Series Weather Sensors.    In use are the   590 Wind Vane , the   591 Anemometer , the   592  and   593  Temperature and Humidity Sensors, and the   092 Barometer .   On each tower t he instrumentation is installed at six measurement levels which are spaced 10 meters apart  vertically .    Data is routed to a facility control building through fiber-optic cable.  The wind and air density  measure


Climatronics Corporation , a division of Met One Instruments, Inc. will be exhibiting at the 2013 AUVSI Unmanned Systems on August 12 – 15 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC. Our Tactical Meteorological Monitoring Station, the TACMET-II will be on display.  Stop by for a chance to win a custom Parrot.AR Drone and talk with VP of Military Sales, Mr. David Katz about the TACMET can assist with UAV/UGV operations. For more information about Climatronics meteorological sensors and automated weather stations please stop by booth 1729 or contact us at 631-567-7300 or at .


Most of us are familiar with anemometers and wind vanes.  These instruments are used around the world by environmental protection agencies and air quality management authorities.  Wind sensors are often used to protect the health and human safety of nearby residents. In a recent example from our customer ICT International in Armidale, Australia; wind measurements from a Met Station One were integrated with the computer network of a Sydney elementary school. The result was a wind alarm system designed to alert students, faculty and staff of high winds on the playground and prevent injuries from falling branches. We love to see our products in use and hear about the unique ways technology is improving our lives.  Please share your projects with us by contacting our sales department and following our blog. For more information about our meteorological monitoring equipment and automated weather stations contact us at 541-471-7111 or .

HORIBA GmbH and Met One Instruments at the Berlin Airport

We're ready!  Airport will open next year but monitoring has begun with Horiba gas analyzers and the APDA 371 PM2.5EU monitors.


The ES-642 is a type of nephelometer which automatically measures real-time airborne PM10, PM2.5, or TSP particulate concentration levels using the principle of forward laser light scatter. Sample air is drawn into the ES-642 and through the laser optical module, where the particulate in the sample air stream scatters the laser light through reflective and refractive properties. This scattered light is collected onto a photodiode detector at a near-forward angle, and the resulting electronic signal is processed to determine a continuous, real-time measurement of airborne particulate mass concentrations     Applications • Rail and roadside monitoring • Schools and playgrounds • Underground facilities • Solar power installations • Wind energy installations • Farms and ranches • Hotels and public venues                                            


For those of you interested in tracking the fires near Met One Instruments, Inc. here are some links from ArcGIS and the OR Department of Environmental Quality (OR-DEQ). The ArcGIS site provides the location, size, and containment status of every wildfire throughout the US.  Click on the link below and zoom into Grants Pass. The OR-DEQ site provides the Air Quality Index at the AQ monitoring stations in the area.  Follow the link below and select a station near you by clicking on one of the colored dots.