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Until this morning, the MOI email server was completely off line.  Today, we are receiving sporadic clusters of email.  It has been 3 days of none or limited email.   If you have not received a reply to your email, please contact or We will answer all email once received.  Again, we are sorry for the delay.

SoDAR 101

With our recent acquisition of Atmospheric Systems Corporation we have started to receive questions asking about SoDAR technology and how wind profiling works. SoDAR is an acronym which stands for S onic D etection A nd R anging.  The term refers to an instrument which uses sound to measure wind speed and direction at altitudes up to 3,000 ft.  SoDAR operates by emitting a short sound pulse, then listening to the atmospheric echo from the pulse. The echo is a result of the continuous interaction between the outward propagation of acoustic energy and atmospheric turbulence. The echo, when received by the SoDAR is processed for its frequency content.  A change in frequency is associated with the turbulent movement of the atmosphere and the wind field above the SoDAR antenna.  Using the Doppler shift principles, the echo frequency of the pulse will be greater than the emission frequency if the movement of the wind field is toward the SoDAR antenna.  If the wind field movement is