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From Eco Asia in Hong Kong

Statement of Intent with Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department On Wednesday, October 26, at the EcoExpo Asia in Hong Kong, EPA will sign a Statement of Intent with the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department (HK EPD) , outlining a strategy to expand regional cooperation, promote “low carbon, high technology and low pollution” communities, and expand capacity in environmental protection. This non-binding statement of intent signifies a key turning point in the relationship between the two agencies. Following the signing, the two agencies plan to develop a workplan that addresses EPA‘s Six Global Priorities. Joint activities will be based on shared priorities and lead to measurable environmental results for the U.S., Hong Kong, and other areas in the Asia-Pacific region. This is the first time the two agencies have agreed to integrate key regional initiatives to improve coordination and applify the results of regional collaboration. The stra

One Person Can Make a Difference - Ode to John Culpepper

The Clean Air Crusader John Culpepper, Lower Washington Heights Neighborhood Association "See that truck? See that smoke? That's what we're after!" John Culpepper has declared war on dirty air. His weapon: an E-Sampler Particulate Monitor, a portable device that measures PM 2.5--the tiny particles emitted by cars, trucks, buses, factories, power plants and construction sites. PM 2.5 works its way deep into the lungs, aggravating asthma and other respiratory problems. When neighborhood groups want to cut down on the sea of dust, they call John Culpepper. Culpepper, a retired sea merchant and executive director of the Lower Washington Heights Neighborhood Association, started looking into air quality in the mid-1990s, after he learned of the alarmingly high child asthma rates in his community. When the state and federal environmental agencies teamed up to install two dozen air monitoring devices around the city, Culpepper helped get one set up on West 182nd Stre

SeQuential Biofuel Station in Eugene, Oregon

Besides having the best I-5 side coffee and food from Eugene to Los Angeles, (believe me, I know) Sequential Biofuel is also sporting the World's first chanterelle mushroom and vegan reuben sandwich-powered Air Quality/ Meteorological monitoring station.  Yes, you heard that right.  Ok, I'm lying.  But you can buy a basket of locally foraged chanterelle mushrooms and a vegan reuben inside after sampling locally made Kombucha from the Kombucha bar.  This is a fuel station right?   Besides Autzen Stadium, this is one of my favorite places in Eugene.  We are currently monitoring for TSP (Total Suspended Particulates), Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Ambient temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure, delicious organic hummus chips.  (oops lying again)!   Sequential Biofuels was an early participant in the Oregon Toxics Alliance's ( OTA) "No idle" program and early Air Quality/ particulate data  looks fantastic.  During the hour I spent installing Me

The Importance of Fence Line Monitoring

Read more in Pollution Engineering fence line monitoring March 2010.

Enviro Technology in the News

Met One Instruments distributor's long and proud history providing AQ systems around the world.

Particle Counters Available for Clean Rooms

Clean Room at NASA Goddard #tourntweet Scientists work on parts for TIRS (Thermal Infrared Sensor) in a Class 10,000 clean room at NASA Goddard. This is an interesting site for those who have not seen a clean room.  Please contact Marci at for information on Met One Instruments' particle counters/monitors for clean rooms.

Answers to Most of Your Questions We all know the internet has more information than we can use...but, the EPA AMTIC sight  will answer a lot of your questions on measurements and how to set up your equipment.

HOW TO SET-UP THE E-SAMPLER The site takes you step by step on how to set up the E-Sampler to monitor smoke from the US Forest Service and Satguard.

Thank You Steve...

When MOI started, we did everything on the Macintosh!  Tom is still an Apple person. From Steve's Stanford University Commemoration speech...  "Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."   ~ Steve Jobs


The Topic:      REAL-TIME MONITORING OF PARTICULATE MATTER (DUST)  WORKSHOP ON CURRENT ISSUES AND CHALLENGES The issue: The public is increasingly concerned and knowledgeable about the effects of respirable dust or particulate matter.  As a result, public and government agencies are looking to acquire real time data on activities that contribute to dust or particulate matter in the air we breathe. If you are part of an air quality monitoring agency, construction firm, air consultant firm, network operators, industry association, research firm or a stakeholder organization involved activities that may create dust or particulate matter, this workshop will be of interest to you! The Outline:     The Ontario Section of the AWMA, in concert with Environment Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, is hosting a one day technical workshop on the current issues and challenges with the real-time monitoring of dust or particulate matter (PM). Real-time PM a

BAM 1020 at the US Embassy in Beijing

BEIJING, Oct. 4 (UPI) -- China has proposed stricter standards for determining its air pollution index. Currently China's index is derived from measurements of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and other pollutants. But the government doesn't include data for the finest particle pollutants, those of 2.5 micrometers or less, known as PM2.5. Experts say these ultra-fine particles, caused mostly by cars and coal burning, can easily penetrate the lungs and bloodstream. Such particles account for more than half the weight of industrial dust in the air of northern China, Jinhua Daily newspaper reports. GALLERY: Signs of China's new wealth In smog-blanketed Beijing, the U.S. Embassy has an air quality monitor to measure PM 2.5 particulates on the embassy compound and issues hourly pollution reports via its Twitter account. The embassy's air quality reports are considered more accurate than those provided by the Chinese government. The embassy's index ca

MOI Monitors 'The Last Supper' by Da Vinci

On the 13th. of December, we'll officially present the final report of one year of analysis at the Last Supper, made with Constantinos Sioutas (USC) and Dane Westerdahl (Cornell) including the measurements with the 212-1 and the E-Sampler. . The presentation will be at the Ambrosianeum Hall, close to P.zza del Duomo. If you'll be in Italy at that time you'll be welcome!  Monitoring assisted by Ario Ruprecht who can be contacted via Met One Instruments, Inc.