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MET ONE INSTRUMENTS E-BAM PORTABLE BETA GAUGE                                                                                            E-PAM Which would you purchase?  The E-BAM portable dust monitor or the E-PAM dust monitor set in a commercial case?  Please don't confuse the two!  They tried to use a similar product label but there is no comparison.

World Health Organization on AQG for PM

Based on the existing evidence of adverse health effects at low levels of exposure, WHO revised its AQG for PM in 2005 (1). For PM2.5, the new AQG values are 10 μg/m3 for the annual average and 25 μg/m3 for the 24-hour mean (not to be exceeded for more than 3 days/year). The corresponding guidelines for PM10 were set as 20 μg/m3 and 50 μg/m3.

Aerosol Science and Rising Air Pollution

Contact: Lee Tune 301-405-4679 University of Maryland Rising air pollution worsens drought, flooding, UMD-led study shows IMAGE: This graphic created by a University of Maryland-led team of researchers, illustrates their new finding that increases in air pollution and other particulate matter in the atmosphere can strongly affect... Click here for more information. COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Increases in air pollution and other particulate matter in the atmosphere can strongly affect cloud development in ways that reduce precipitation in dry regions or seasons, while increasing rain, snowfall and the intensity of severe storms in wet regions or seasons, says a new study by a University of Maryland-led team of researchers. The research provides the first clear evidence of how


 The Met One Instruments, Inc. model ES-642 is a type of nephelometer which automatically measures real-time airborne PM10, PM2.5, or TSP particulate concentration levels using the principle of forward laser light scatter. Sample air is drawn into the ES-642 and through the laser optical module, where the particulate in the sample air stream scatters the laser light through reflective and refractive properties. This scattered light is collected onto a photodiode detector at a near-forward angle, and the resulting electronic signal is processed to determine a continuous, real-time measurement of airborne particulate mass concentrations.                                            ES-642 AMBIENT PARTICULATE MONITOR Applications include rail and roadside monitoring, schools and playgrounds, underground facilities, solar power installations, wind energy installations, farms and ranches, and hotels and public venues. Also, the ES-642 is installed  with other particulate monitors suc

MOI Introduces the 011 E-Class One Wind Sensor


To our readers, I recently returned from Shanghai where my company, Met One Instruments, Inc. participated in a technology exchange with the Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences.  Along with Oregon's Governor, Dr. John Kitzhaber, we made a presentation of our EPA Reference Method Air Quality Monitor.  BAM-1020 PM 2.5. The BAM-1020 is a US manufactured particulate monitor that monitors particles in the range of PM10 and PM2.5.  The monitor presented to SAES will be one of the first PM2.5 monitors deployed in Shanghai. This was my fourth trip to Shanghai in the past 3 years and I was impressed by the number of blue sky days that I was able to experience.  (See Pics)  I noticed that surfaces of infrastructure (buildings, windows, railings, street lamps, etc...) were generally free of particulate fall out.  One afternoon, I spent a few hours wandering around Shanghai on a quest to find xiaolongbao and an electric bicycle dealer and had a very pleasant time.  T

Instrument Shelters are Important

For accurate monitoring, the instrument shelter is just as important as the monitor itself.  Without a specified instrument shelter for a particular climate,  the monitor may not function as well.  Met One Instruments recommends shelters built to our specifications for optimum functioning of the BAM 1020.  Please contact for more information on requirements for the optimum data collection of your BAM 1020 beta gauges.

Met One Instruments at Eco Asia w/ US Delegation

Bennett Hong, Vice-Director Global Marketing and Sales, in Hong Kong with US Consul C.J. Young and members of the US Consulate in Hong Kong at Eco Asia Expo last week. The US Pavillion program helps sponsor companies who manufacture in the USA at venues around the world.  They are always ready to assist companies to promote US products.