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The WINS Impactor, Very Sharp Cut Cyclone, Sharp Cut Cyclone

What Inlet Do You Use to Comply with USEPA Designation?   The following summary may be useful: 1.             All currently designated USEPA Class III PM 2.5 FEM single-channel ambient particulate monitors must incorporate the BGI VSCC PM 2.5 fractionator in order to remain designated. 2.             If the BGI VSCC PM 2.5 fractionator in a designated Class III PM 2.5 Federal Equivalent Method is replaced with a WINS impactor or a standard sharp cut cyclone, it is no longer a USEPA designated Class III PM 2.5 equivalent method. 3.             The only USEPA Class III PM 2.5 FEM made by Thermo-Fisher that does not employ the BGI VSCC is the seldom used double-channel 1405DF TEOM. There are 3 commonly used PM 2.5 particulate matter separators used on single-channel continuous monitors such as the Met One BAM-1020 beta attenuation mass monitor. These are the WINS Impactor (also known as the size-selective inlet – “SSI”) and the sharp cut cyclone, which is pr

LONDON'S SOLUTION? Strange but true...but the monitoring is done by the same technology as Beijing with questionable data due to acknowledged under measuring of this type of monitor.  The beta gauge monitor is recognized as the most reliable PM monitor around the world.  The BAM 1020 FEM 2.5 is the only PM2.5 with  both TUEV and USEPA approvals.