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Our Journey Takes You to Macedonia with RBC MEDIA and a Short Video

        The MOI ES-642 monitor The ES-642-an optical sensor in a weatherproof case used to continuously monitor, detect and measure particulate concentration up to 100 milligrams per cubic meter.  Used around neighborhoods, in facilities management applications and in underground subway stations. Please see the video below from our systems integrator,  RBC MEDIA in Skopje, Macedonia. The ES-642 was installed in 3 locations in a city in Macedonia.  For more information in Macedonia, please contact Mr. Danijel Rebac at or factory direct, Please click on link below to view the video.                                            ES-642 in Macedonia

The World Tour takes us to Saudi Arabia with Gulf Advanced Controls....

BAM 1020 and weather station installation in a remote location in Saudi Arabia Gulf Advanced Controls has been our distributor in Saudi Arabia since 2006.  Factory trained engineers and product sales have helped us grow in the region.To contact, please email ISHRATH ABDULKHADER at  


The Portable BAM 1022 in Colombia Met One Instruments is one of, if not the only, US manufacturer of beta PM monitors used worldwide.  We are a proud US manufacturer competing around the globe and we employ some 200 people in our production and administrative plant in Grants Pass, Oregon.  Sales offices across the US are located in New York, California, Montana, Georgia and across Oregon. Please visit to see our full line of air monitoring products to meet your indoor and outdoor monitoring needs. Our products are certified in many countries under strict testing requirements.  Please let us know your questions and concerns.  Domestic inquiries at and international inquiries at Also, our global distributors and systems integrators are listed on our website.  


  AQM site : AQMS for the pollutants(PM10, PM2.5, SO2, NOX, CO, O3) from China at a Western Island of Korean peninsula (KECO)   KECO Gageodo site City AQM site : Doing Equivalent test for E-SEQ-FRM HARIM Engineering in Seoul, has been our distributor since 1996. An established air monitoring and engineering company, Harim has the staff to distribute, install and maintain our equipment throughout the South Korean peninsula and islands. Please contact Joe Lee at or

Start of Our Trip Around the World....The UK with Environment Technology

The Smog Mobile Monitoring with the AIO, ES-642 and GT 521 from Met One Instruments.   We make instruments that can mount in backpacks on bicycles for easy mobile monitoring as well as in autos and airplanes. Environment Technology is one of our earliest distributors.  We choose our worldwide distribution system with customer service and satisfaction in mind.  Companies that have the experience, the technical knowledge and training and with installation and maintenance capabilities. Environment Technology satisfies all our criteria to offer our UK customers the best available in their territory.  Please contact for assistance and solutions.


Frescoes by Giotto at the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua, Italy With the help of Ario Ruprecht in Italy, Met One Instruments, Inc. has been focusing on the preservation of Italy's major art sites.  The frescoes by Giotto are subject to air pollution as the chapel doors are open to one of the main streets in Padua.  Although, recent restorations have been accomplished, this site continues to be monitored for preservation.   We have monitored Marco Aurelio on Campidoglio in Rome, the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican, The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci in Milan. We have also monitored the Mongolian Caves in remote Mongolia and the pyramids in Egypt. Archaeological researchers use our instruments to make sure the correct maintenance of these valuable sites are put in place so future generations will be able to see and enjoy their historical existence and beauty.  

HELLO 2021!

State of Hawaii is monitored using the BAM 1020 and BAM 1022. 2020 was a year most of us have never experienced.  2021 will show us how we can overcome.  We thank our MOI crew who showed us how to make it work.  Masks and social distancing, washing hands and keeping work places clean are how we can keep on going.  We thank this hard working dedicated group of people who continue to provide critical air monitors for customers around the world. Please take our example and listen to the CDC and local health departments so we can fully open up our economy again at home and around the world.  We wish you all a healthy, patient, and Happy New Year!