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Particulate Monitoring at Astronomical Oberservatories

Current systems in use or under consideration: Arecibo, European Southern Observatory, USGS Hawai'i Observatory, Ligo Hanford, Lick Observatory, National Radio Observatory, Las Cumbres, Palomar Observatory, Aura Gemini, W.M. Keck, Geronimo Creek, Big Bear Solar Observatory, Ligo Livingston, University of Texas McDonald, Lamont Doehrty, Australian Astro Observatory Model 212 Eight Channel Particle Counter Ambient profiling of aerosol particulates has been simplified by the Met One Instruments Model 212 Ambient Particulate Profiler. The 212 sizes and counts particles in eight digital bins, and reports the information on command. Each of the eight channels may be field configured to customer requirements. A Remarkably Flexible, Higher Performance Instrument Featuring: Eight Real–Time Channels Simple operation Self–Contained Weatherproof package Low Power Sheath air technology Low Cost 0.5μm to 10μm(typical) range, ex

Air Quality and Meteorological Monitoring

Particulate and Air Monitoring At the center of Met One Instruments, Inc's meteorological monitoring systems is a complete line of quality sensors, components and accessories. Weather sensors supplied with each system covers the range of measurements that provide a level of accuracy and long life that meets each user’s requirement.   Met One Instrument, Inc's Systems Integration Group provides an extensive line of automated observation systems for the accurate and reliable monitoring, recording and acquisition of meteorological, and air quality data.  High quality sensors and recording equipment insure high quality data to meet requirements of the commercial, industrial and military markets. Our products and systems  are in service around the world with environmental protection agencies, university research projects, large and small chemical/ industrial facilities as well as in agricultural and hydrological applications.  Our systems are installed at nearly all of the Nuclear

Met One Instruments' 212 Profiler on site....

Monitoring Air Quality, Empowering Communities Posted by Philip Orton Would you stand in front of a truck to stop injustice? If you were pressed to contemplate such an extreme action, wouldn’t you want to have accurate information first on how serious of an injustice was being committed?  I certainly would, and that is why our research group at Stevens Institute is partnering with students to collect air pollution data at the site of the proposed marine garbage transfer station (MTS) at East 91 st Street in Manhattan.  The site is next to Asphalt Green , a large community center used by thousands of children for outdoor recreation.  We are looking forward to providing high school students from the community with detailed data on air quality and how it changes if the MTS is built and begins operations.  [NOTE: initial measurements are online now in a new post ]. Met One Aero-212 atmospheric particle counter deployed at Asphalt Gr


BAM 1020 AND WEATHER STATION IN SERBIA Enviro Technology has published You Tube videos on the maintenance of the BAM 1020.  Please click on link or copy into your browser to watch.  Any questions, contact


US Army HEL MD Climatronics, Inc.'s TACMET II meteorological sensor is a key element of the US Army's High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator.  Boeing’s High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD) team has used a solid state laser to destroy mortars and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). A laser destroys targets with pinpoint precision within seconds of acquisition, then acquires the next target and keeps firing.  In recent demonstrations, HEL MD used a 10-kilowatt, high energy laser installed on an Oshkosh tactical military vehicle. The demonstrator is the first mobile, high-energy laser, counter rocket, artillery and mortar (C-RAM) platform to be built and demonstrated by the U.S. Army. Contact


Climatronics Inc, a division of Met One Instruments, Inc.,  recently offered more than 200 Recording Rain Gauges to an international customer. A complete monitoring solution, the proposal includes the gauge, recorder, data interpretation software, and data reader. Additional information can be found on our web page: oducts/Sensors/precipitation. php