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The Sonimometer Used to Enhance System to Optimize Building Heating System in Canada

Met One Instruments' customer, K3D Inc. of Windsor, Ontario, uses the heated Sonimometer™ in their building energy management system to optimize the heating of large buildings in Canada.  Additional information about their system and one of the many ways the solid-state wind sensor can be used can be found on the K3D web site: Sonic Anemometer

Met One Instruments in India 2017

Pete Pomponi visits Chemtrols in Goa BAM 1020s Monitoring in Goa

Getting ready to delploy the BAM 1020 to the Arctic Circle

The Arctic Oven - tested and ready to go!


It has come to our attention there are small manufacturers contacting our distributors and customers to sell low cost filter tapes and PM inlets.  To ensure the highest performance of our products and maintain validity of your warranty, be sure to use authentic replacement parts and consumables from Met One Instruments, Inc.  or authorized resellers.   If you have any questions, please contact Mike at or David at for further information.