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Important to Note the Dates on the USEPA Monitoring Sites' Maps

  Some publications have changed the dates on these official maps. The top map date was changed to March 2012.  Please note these maps can be found on the USEPA official web site.

Do You Need Real-Time and Other Optional Accessories for Your Beta Gauge?

BAM 1020 OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Our 20 years’ experience with the BAM 1020 has been, for the vast majority of regulatory applications, that time resolution of less than one hour is unnecessary and  undesirable. This is because of data handling issues, reliability, accuracy and sensitivity sacrifices that must be made in the real-time process in order to obtain unnecessary, continuous output. The real-time trending module, BX-895, is an accessory for the BAM-1020 that provides autonomous, real-time output based on sensitive light-scatter based techniques. It is used by customers requesting trending information and who desire the unsurpassed accuracy of step-wise semi-continuous beta gauges such as the BAM-1020. They are unwilling to accept the sacrifice to sensitivity and to accuracy that continuous in-line beta gauges some manufacturers convince their users to accept. Because the method applied by the USEPA does not include the light-scatter real-time monitor, it is reasonable t