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During the California fires, my little town was covered in smoke.  Closed windows and BlueAir monitors were in full force to protect the family.  However, do you know if all these precautions are helping?  Using my Met One Instruments, Inc. Aerocet 831, I could measure the PM before the filtration system was turned on and after a few minutes.  Yes, the air cleaner worked efficiently and fast and the interior air was clean.  Keep your family safe during these environmental disasters affecting your environment and ask about our line of Handheld indoor air monitors. Don't guess or assume your air is healthy.  Based on the best science and engineering and manufactured in Oregon, USA. you can be assured of reliable data and service when needed.  Please contact to find out more of what we can do for indoor and outdoor environments. Use PROMO CODE 'CLEANAIR' for a 10% discount. Aerocet 831 with Protective Boot



Airflow studies reveal strategies to reduce indoor transmission of COVID-19

 Please be safe during the holiday season.   We wish you all a safe Thanksgiving and we thank you for your business, your friendship and your confidence in our products and commitment to service. The Friendly Crew from Met One Instruments, Inc. Airflow studies reveal strategies to reduce indoor transmission of COVID-19 Scientists studying the aerodynamics of infectious disease share steps to curb transmission during indoor activities. AMERICAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY Research News         SHARE  PRINT    E-MAIL IMAGE:  SIMULATION OF PEDESTRIAN COUNTERFLOW (RED AND PINK PARTICLES) CONFINED WITHIN A HALLWAY (BLUE BOUNDARY), UNDER CONDITIONS OF WEAK SOCIAL DISTANCING.  view  more  CREDIT: KELBY KRAMER AND GERALD J. WANG VIRTUAL MEETING (CST), November 22, 2020 -- Wear a mask. Stay six feet apart. Avoid large gatherings. As the world awaits a safe and effective vaccine, controlling the COVID-19 pandemic hinges on widespread compliance with these public health guidelines. But as colder weather for

It's That Time of Year...

  Portable instruments are required for sites such as in the photo above.  The instrument is not only portable, but easy to deploy and maintain.  See the Met One Instruments E-Sampler on site somewhere out there! For more information on our products, send us your application and we may have your solution.

The Met One Instruments' BAM 1020 monitors in faraway places!

  Getting ready to deploy BAMS in Jordan  BAM 1020 in Uzbekistan  Have some fun and see how many countries you can identify with just their capital cities listed below:  These are some of the cities where the BAM 1020 monitors are located. Chasinau                                             Ho Chi Min                          Mumbai Manama                                     Hanoi                                  Chennai                           Kathmandu                                 Vientianne                                  Hyderabad Dubai                                                  Jeddah                                        Kolkatta                                    Abu Dhabi                                          Riyadh                                  Chengdu                                    Bogota                                                 Dharahn                              Shanghai                                                                         


  Met One Instruments, Inc. salutes all our Veterans who contributed to the defense of our democracy and now contributing to making Met One Instruments, a USA manufacturing company, a leading provider of air monitors and samplers around the world.  We thank you for your service and for being a part of our family.   1.                Mark Bailey – Navy 2.                David Bullough – Army 3.                Scott Fette – Navy 4.                Troy Fredrickson – Navy 5.                Jordan Gutierrez – Navy 6.                Daisy Jones – Marine Corps 7.                Eric Kutschke – Marine Corps 8.                Michael Potter – Marine Corps 9.                Calvin Skelley – Navy 10.          Rick Taylor – Air Force 11.          Mark Thibault – Navy 12.          Rich Toone – Army National Guard