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Met One Instruments is Proud to Support ACLIMA.....

Davida Herzl, Aclima   via  Jun 5, 2019, 12:46 PM (2 days ago) to  joann Dear Friends, This year’s theme for World Environment Day is #BeatAirPollution, an urgent call to action to improve global air quality for both people and the planet. This year alone, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere exceeded 415 ppm for the first time in human history, and new  research  has found evidence that pollution and climate-changing emissions affect every part of the body at every stage of life. It is clear that air pollution is as personal as it is hyperlocal. That is why we’re deeply committed to rapidly scaling the pollution-mapping technology society needs to accelerate action. This Spring, Aclima partnered with San Diego County to map hyperlocal air quality in environmental justice communities to support monitoring and emissions-reduction efforts outlined in AB 617, a law tackling Cali


BAM-1022 CARB PQAO Presentation.pdf if you have a problem downloading, please let us or  Or, click on the presentation above. Thank you.